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In Preparation for Performance for Highland Dancers, Sho introduces non dance technique skills for Highland dancers as an effective aid to enhancing performance. This 32 page book is written for Highland dancers and their teachers by someone who understands Highland dancing as a dancer, teacher and adjudicator.
These skills can be used for dancers in other genres too.
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'Have a ball for backs' - an easy exercise programme using therapy balls to prevent and release muscle tension affecting the back. Download the exercises FREE now. You can contact Sho via 'contact us' at the bottom of the page to purchase your own therapy balls for these exercises.
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Download your FREE copy of Sho's foot exercises chart for Line dancers. You don't have to be a Line dancer to feel the benefit of doing these exercises. You can contact Sho via 'contact us' at the bottom of the page to purchase your own spikey ball to do these exercises with.
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Download a FREE copy of Sho's Line dance basics chart. Give them to your dancers as a reminder or tell them about the chart so they can download it directly. Click the picture to get your comic style chart.

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