Teaching Dance Skills

I am often asked by other teachers to recommend books about dance teaching. I always include Teaching Dance Skills: A Motor Learning and Development Approach because it is such an easy book to read and understand and it is packed full of helpful models that clearly presents the knowledge in a visual way. This book helps us to understand more about how students learn and how we can use this understanding to tailor our teaching to optimise learning and performance. I have read and re-read this book so many times I need to get myself a new copy. Student teachers I have recommended this book to have found it invaluable. Kimmerle and Côté have done a brilliant job addressing topics such as:

Effective dance teaching
How to analyse dance material
How a student learns dance skills
The adult novice learner
The child learner
The experienced dancer
Selecting dance skills for the learner
How to select instructional methods
How to provide feedback

This book was originally published by J Michael Ryan Publishing Inc but it went out of print. For a while it was not available but thankfully it has been re-printed through the University of Windsor in Canada and can be ordered via this link: Teaching Dance Skills

Definitely one for every dance teacher's book shelf.